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Build your design system faster now. And keep it from breaking later. Meet Ether.

A modular base for any design system

Ether is built on a set of small core libraries. Their simplicity belies the fact that they are the outcome of years of building design systems across projects that range from marketing sites to enterprise applications. These libraries won’t try to do everything. They try to do the right thing.

Our Core Goals


Experience has taught us it's easier to make overly-complex solutions. Instead, these libraries strive to be small, scalable, and simple to implement.


Libraries can be used together or separately based on your needs, to help start your project faster or fix a part of your system that's getting out of control.


Theses libraries represent a specific philosophy about how we believe systems should be built. They're not trying to be everything for everyone.

A design system that’s built to be everything for everyone will end up working for no one.

The Team

The Scenery

Meet the team that has been building design systems for years, now bringing you Ether. During the day, the Scenery is a product agency that brings scale to marketing sites and products.


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